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Aiea, HI

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Aiea is a census-designated place (CDP) in the Hawaiian Islands' City and County of Honolulu. The CDP had a total population of 9,338 as of the 2010 Census.


The CDP had 9,019 residents overall as of the 2000 census, living in 2,758 households and 2,258 families. 2,109.5 people per square kilometer, or 5,463.5 people per square mile, made up the population. At an average density of 1,714.9 per square mile (662.1/km2), there were 2,831 dwelling units. The CDP was made up of 16.25% White people, 0.85% Black or African Americans, 0.14% Native Americans, 58.31% Asian people, 5.08% Pacific Islanders, 0.77% from other people of a different race, and 18.59% from two or more races. 5.47% of people identified as Hispanic or Latino, regardless of race.

Population in Aiea, HI
Population in Aiea, HI

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