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BEWARE OF RENTING FROM ALBERT FRANTZ! SUPER UNPROFESSIONAL AND RUDE DANCE STUDIO OWNER! We first started renting out this studio on 5/10/2022, came in a small group private of 4 people with my heels teacher to use this studio every Tuesday of May from 7pm-830pm. Before starting class, the protocol was to talk to Albert first, give him the dance studio rental payment, proceed with class, and then Albert comes by in the end of our class to lockup. I accidentally left my skirt in the studio, he stopped our group before were all out the building so I thought that was nice of him that he gave me my skirt. It seemed all good in the beginning or so we thought... On 5/17/2022, I noticed something was off. Before class started, I was overhearing the conversation of my heels teacher when Albert pulled her on the side saying she forgot to lockup the studio? Strange, if you reread my paragraph above, he was the last person there at the studio and gave me my skirt so why is he blaming my heels teacher for something she didn't do and she didn't receive any keys to lock up? So I'm just going to monitor this. On 5/24/2022, was supposed to be another regular day coming by to the studio to do our usual heels private group session. Me and my heels teacher came by early so she can make a payment before she begins class. But when we arrived, Albert told me he wanted to speak my heels teacher in private so I walked away and stayed near by away from eye sight. Then I heard him yelling and being aggressive towards my heels teacher questioning her identity? I heard him yell "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?" what kind of business owner would say that to a paying client? The gist of the argument was him claiming that my heels teacher didn't give her real name and he knows nothing of her???? Like why is this suddenly an issue NOW when we been going to this studio for 2 weeks? My heels teacher already had all the proper documents and discussions with him so there was plenty of time to prevent this issue but why is he suddenly treating her like a stranger now? He ended the conversation with "Okay we're done, bye bye!". I've known my heels teacher for almost a year and been to almost every single class she had, she has been nothing but the most passionate and professional person I've ever met that's very dedicated to her craft! It makes me so very angry that she was disrespected over something that could've been resolved easily! I feel like this guy has a serious case of dementia, if you're unwell please do not run a studio if you're going to act like this! Albert Frantz needs to go back to school and retake business courses on how to run a business properly and attend therapy to reflect and revaluate those disgusting actions. He is very mentally unstable to be running a business! Save your money and please find a different dance studio where it has a safer environment that treats you with respect.

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